Cargo bike insurance: how to cover your cargo bike

cargo bike insurance

Cargo bikes are being hailed as the future of urban transportation. In congested cities, cyclists are using them to carry groceries, pets, and even their children around. Imagine breezing past traffic jams and parking hassles while reducing your carbon footprint as you go All this extra utility comes at a premium though as cargo bikes […]

5 best European cities to visit on a bike in winter

city bike touring winter

Winter works its enchanting magic on Europe’s cities, transforming them into whimsical wonderlands ready to be explored. With a soft blanket of glistening snow, charming streetside cafes, and a tranquil hush that blankets the landscape, this season brings a unique charm to places across the continent. And what better way to fully enjoy yourself in […]

5 best cities in Europe to visit on a bike in fall

best cities to visit on a bike in fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year to explore cities in Europe. With cooler temperatures, stunning foliage, and fewer crowds, it can be the best time to visit popular places. But as we all know, most places are much better when explored on two wheels, so we’ve picked five of the best cities to visit […]

Renting out a cargo bike? Here’s how and why you should do it!

Lastenrad verleihen

If you own a cargo bike or e-cargo bike, why not consider renting it out via ListNRide? Not only can you help others find the perfect cargo bike or e cargo bike for their needs, and rent it from you in a secure and trusted way, but you can also make money from it during […]

What’s a cargo bike?

Cargo bike familie

Astonishingly, more than 500,000 cargo bikes were sold across Europe in 2022,  with the vast majority being electric cargo bikes (also referred to as e-cargo bikes,  cargo e-bikes or cargo bike electric), according to the European Cargo Bike Industry Survey. Summary Not only are cargo bikes ideal for everyday urban mobility, such as commuting by  […]