If you own a cargo bike or e-cargo bike, why not consider renting it out via ListNRide? Not only can you help others find the perfect cargo bike or e cargo bike for their needs, and rent it from you in a secure and trusted way, but you can also make money from it during all the times you’re not using it.


Cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes (also known as electric cargo bikes, cargo e-bikes or cargo bike electric) are transforming urban mobility and transportation. Sometimes people need them for short periods of time, such as an easy way of getting their kids around while on short city breaks, or as a speedy way of transporting pets or bulky packages. And sometimes they need them for longer term holiday rentals. 

Furthermore, they’re increasingly being used by small and medium-sized businesses as a cost-effective alternative to using expensive-to-run cars and vans in urban centres.  

Because they are so versatile, the demand for cargo bike rentals is rising.

Couple with a cargo bike

People are looking to rent cargo bikes or e-cargo bikes just like yours

As ownership of cargo bikes rises, it means there are even more options for people  to rent them. However, renting them out is always going to vary from place to place  – one person’s experience renting out a cargo bike in London will differ from, say,  renting out a cargo bike in Copenhagen, where bicycle-riding infrastructure is much  better.  

In Berlin, for example, more than 80 cargo bike and e-cargo bike owners are already renting theirs out via ListNRide. The most in demand and best cargo bikes for people with children tend to be front-box cargo bike brands such as Babboe, Riese & Müller or Christiania. Long-tail cargo bikes, where children sit above the rear wheel, such as from Tern, are also popular.

If your cargo bike is hardly being used, why not rent it out?

We know that purchasing a cargo bike can be a hefty investment. And especially if  you’re not using it every day, you’re probably wondering ‘how can I make money with my cargo bike?’ Well, renting them out when they’re not actually being used is perhaps the best way to get a return on that big investment. 

How can I make money from my cargo bike?

Theo Seitz, one of our Listers in Munich, does just that. Via ListNRide, he regularly rents out his powerful Riese & Müller Load 60 e-cargo bike, which features a front  box with two added child seats with safety belts, to residents and tourists alike in  the Bavarian capital.  

Theo initially bought the e-cargo bike to quickly and easily get his children to their  daycare centre and back every day. But after a friend suggested he could rent it out and make money when he wasn’t using it, he decided to list it on ListNRide. 

“Just a couple of years ago, people could barely find any good e-cargo bikes to rent in Munich at all – it’s a great feeling to be able to offer the bike to those who need it”

Cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes offer great flexibility

“Most people who rent it need an e-cargo bike for a day or two, or are just trying it out for a day, but increasingly I’m getting longer bookings from people who are having a lengthy visit or temporarily working in Munich.”

As a great example of an e-cargo bike’s flexibility, Theo even had a booking from a  sports photographer, who needed it so he could sit in the cargo box and take  photographs of an athlete running alongside, while a friend pedalled. 

A secure way to earn from renting out your cargo bike

Theo says he’s generally had good experiences with people renting out his e-cargo bike, but is keen to state that you should always find out all the details from the booker about exactly how and where they’re going to use it, to avoid any surprises.

“ListNRide also has a trustworthy and secure booking system, so you can be confident your bookers are genuine and will treat your bike well.”

casual commute on cargo bike

For peace of mind, all cargo bike rentals are insured

What’s more, cargo bikes rented out via ListNRide in the European Economic Area  include bike rental insurance from Laka, which covers your bike for any damage or  theft, should the worst happen.  

Considering the relatively high cost for buying the Riese & Müller e-cargo bike, Theo says it’s been really beneficial to list his e-cargo bike on ListNRide and earn extra money from rentals from the times when he’s not using it. 

“I’d definitely recommend listing a bike, but you shouldn’t be too overly precious about it. Don’t forget the bike is there to be used – so I’m not worrying about every tiny scratch after each rental. That’s just part and parcel of bike sharing.”

Invest in renting out cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes, and help green your city

Richard Dion has been renting out several cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes of different varieties in Paris for eight years now. He says it’s “without a doubt my way of contributing to the collective effort to green our cities.” 

He believes investing in cargo bikes for a rental business to meet the increasing  demand for them is worth it.

“Cargo bikes really are an ideal means of transport that meet a maximum of needs, at a reduced cost compared to vehicles, while giving people freedom and flexibility, You could say cargo bikes are the ‘Swiss army knife’ of bikes.”

Boost your bicycle business as a rental partner

If your business is a bike shop, bike rental station or cycling brand showroom, or if  you’re wondering how to start a bike rental business, ListNRide can help you get more sign ups for cargo bike rentals, subscriptions and test rides when you become  a ListNRide rental partner.

Interested in renting out your cargo bike or e-cargo bike with ListNRide? Here’s how you can in four easy steps. 

And before you do, don’t forget to check out our guide to taking great bike photos  it’ll help you draw more people’s attention to your cargo bike and increase your  bookings.  

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