Astonishingly, more than 500,000 cargo bikes were sold across Europe in 2022,  with the vast majority being electric cargo bikes (also referred to as e-cargo bikes,  cargo e-bikes or cargo bike electric), according to the European Cargo Bike Industry Survey.


Not only are cargo bikes ideal for everyday urban mobility, such as commuting by  bike, getting kids across the city to school, the playground or a friend’s house,  taking pets to the park, or picking up bulky parcels, they’re increasingly being used  by small and medium-sized businesses as a cost-effective alternative to using  expensive-to-run cars and vans in urban centres.

As a cargo bike rider, you can zip past traffic jams and down narrow streets, find  parking easier and deliver goods quicker – and as cargo bikes produce no  emissions while in use compared with vehicles, they help create a cleaner, greener  urban environment. Plus they get your legs moving, so they’re pretty healthy for you  too! 

baboe cargo bike

Cargo bike and e-cargo bike rental options are rising

Demand for cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes, particularly in urban locations, is rising  – and public awareness of cargo bike models has had a huge rise from 38% in  2017 to 63% in 2021. Whether for short periods of time – perhaps you need a  speedy and easy way of getting your kids around while on a short city break – or for  longer-term holiday rentals, it seems we can’t get enough of using cargo bikes.  

More people are choosing cargo bikes and cargo trailers over cars

If you want avoid using a car and instead use a bike to transport kids or goods, you  may have considered a bike trailer cargo. It has the advantage of being cheaper  than a cargo bike, and more flexible as you can simply attach it to a regular bike.  However, it’s far less manoeuvrable in the city and also less visible to cars. That’s why more and more people are opting for cargo bikes. But yes, they are expensive. That’s why you could consider buying a second-hand cargo bike.  Whether you buy it new or used, it’s definitely a good idea to take a test ride beforehand. 

ListNRide offers flexible ways to test and rent cargo bikes

When you rent a cargo bike on ListNRide, you can rent it not only for one hour, but  for one or more days. This gives you the opportunity to test the cargo bike in  practice. For example, you can see if it fits in your garage or on the luggage rack of  your car. If you are going on holiday, you may be thinking about how to transport a  cargo bike. But most cargo bikes are not accepted on trains and do not fit on a  luggage rack. Therefore, a good solution is to rent a cargo bike directly at your  holiday destination. 

For example, across Berlin alone, you can already choose from more than 80 cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes available to rent via ListNRide

More cargo bikes means more rental options

Costing upwards of €3,000 for e-cargo bikes, they can be rather pricey to buy  outright. However, when it comes to filling our towns and cities with cargo bikes –  the more, the merrier, we say, because as ownership of cargo bikes rise, it means there are even more options to rent them on bike sharing platforms like ListNRide.

dog cargo bike

Get to know the types of cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes

So, what is a cargo bike? Although cargo bikes have been around for a long time,  some of today’s best cargo bikes have sophisticated designs. They are sleeker,  sturdier and – especially those with pedal-assisted electric power – more powerful  than ever before. 

Before renting, consider which cargo bike type is best for your needs

Cargo bikes are generally divided into four categories: 

1. Front-box 

Where the cargo compartment is in front of the handle bars, like a front extended bicycle. Front-box e-cargo bikes are increasingly popular among  parents transporting young kids around. Slimmer, longer versions are commonly  known as ‘Long John’ cargo bikes.

Popular brands: Babboe, Urban Arrow, Riese & Müller 

Front box cargo bike
Babboe cargo bike

2. Three-wheels/tricycle
These front-box cargo bikes have two wheels at the front, on either side of the  cargo box, and are more stable than two-wheel cargo bikes – giving an added  feeling of safety for parents riding with kids – but they are slower to manoeuvre.

Popular brands: Christiania, Babboe, Nihola

3. Short tail and long tail
Where the cargo compartment is behind the rider, positioned above the back  wheel, and which manoeuvres more like a regular bicycle. Short tail cargo bikes and long tail cargo bikes can get you around faster than front-box bikes, but at the expense of less storage.

Popular brands: Tern, Riese & Müller, Simply.Lift

long tail cargo bike
Mulli compact cargo bike

4. Compact

Short, agile, flexible and sometimes with a foldable cargo basket on the front, these cargo bikes are lightweight and handle much more like a normal bike, making them ideal for getting around quickly, or even for taking them on a train.

Popular brands: Omnium, Yoonit, Muli

Fast and flexible, cargo bikes make ideal holiday rentals

If you’re on a short city break with young kids, a cargo bike can make a perfect companion – you can get around almost anywhere cheaply and easily, all the while bypassing the notorious parking problems of using a car.
Of course, some cities are definitely friendlier to host a cargo bike than others. For example, going around with a cargo bike in Copenhagen is not the same experience as riding a cargo bike in London.

Perfect for getting kids around easily

When Crystal Dawkins was visiting Munich for a week with her family, she was  intrigued by people on the street riding past on cargo bikes. She’d never seen such  bikes before. Wondering how she could use one herself, after a quick online search  she found a cargo bike to rent on

“My three-year-old got tired of us dragging her around the city,” she says. “So renting a cargo bike was just great – my daughter could sit comfortably, covered from any rain, and we could enjoy the city sights and the beautiful English Garden park at our own pace.”

Julius Brink, who uses a cargo bike at home in Cologne, fancied trying a different  type of cargo bike to his own during his family weekend trip to Paris. Finding a Tern  long tail cargo bike to rent on ListNRide, Julius had a great time discovering the city  with his kids.

“There’s no better option for getting around Paris by bike, and I loved how the bike helped me out with some extra e-power.”

Support when you need it

When Crystal had a problem with her tyres on her cargo bike in Munich, the ListNRide support team were immediately on hand to help. 

“Unfortunately, when I was taking the bike back to the owner, I noticed one of the tyres was flat, ListNRide did a great job in liaising between me and the owner, handling the problem, especially as I was just about to leave Munich with my family. Plus the damage was covered by insurance, too.”

All cargo bike rentals include insurance coverage

For your peace of mind, ListNRide not only has a trustworthy and secure booking system, but also all cargo bikes rented out in the European Economic Area are insured by Laka, which covers your cargo bike rental for any damage or theft,  should the worst happen.

Here’s how you can rent a cargo bike or e-cargo bike, in four easy steps. Plus, did you know you can even test ride cargo bike brands with ListNRide? 

And if you own a cargo bike or e-cargo bike, here’s how to share your cargo bike on ListNRide.