An epic one-way cycling trip through Germany in memory of our mother

Berlin to Loose

American Geoff Garver and his sisters undertook the cycling trip of a lifetime in June 2023. They retraced their mother’s epic and courageous 400 km cycle journey in May 1945 from Potsdam in east Germany, to the northwest German coast, to flee the oncoming Russian army.     Here, Geoff tells us all about their […]

Bike hire – rent, share and enjoy!

bike hire

We know it can be so frustrating – you’re on holiday and you want to hire a bike, but the bicycle rental shop only has those slow, battered old tourist rental bikes. Groan! If only you could hire the kind of bike you like, more preferable to your taste and style…   That’s what makes […]

Discover the DB Bike Rental: make your bike trips easier!

DB bike rental

In June 2023, the Deutsche Bahn in collaboration with ListNRide is launching its new DB Bike Rental service, the DB Radverleih program, to boost your cycling outings with the arrival of the summer season. Summary What is the DB Bike Rental “Radverleih” program? In a nutshell The DB bike rental “Radverleih” principle is simple and effective: leave your […]

Bicycle insurance: we’ve got your back!


Your bike can sometimes feel like an extended part of you. You spend so much time  riding it, looking after it, and investing money in it, that were it to ever get damaged or stolen, it would be pretty devastating. That’s why, in the same way people take out car insurance, having bike insurance is […]