We know it can be so frustrating – you’re on holiday and you want to hire a bike, but the bicycle rental shop only has those slow, battered old tourist rental bikes. Groan! If only you could hire the kind of bike you like, more preferable to your taste and style…  

That’s what makes ListNRide so ideal for bike rental. It’s like AirBnB for bikes – so you can find the perfect rent bike for your needs, anywhere, anytime.


Cargo bike hire

What is bike hire and why is it so cool?

Public bike rental has undergone something of a revolution in recent years. Let’s say you want to use a bike on holiday, over the course of a long-weekend city trip, to transport cargo or kids, for a cycling race event, or even if you’re looking to hire a bike for your daily commute – it’s now much more easier and cost-effective to use bike sharing or bicycle hire services, instead of your own bike.  

Bike hire is all about flexibility and choice

No matter what kind of bike you’d like to hire, it really is now possible to find and rent your ideal bike, at almost any popular destination around the world – goodbye to having to use clunky old tourist bikes!

ListNRide rents out more than 80,000 bikes – from mountain bikes, to e-bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes, cargo bikes, custom-made bikes, kids bikes, and more. And when you consider the stress and hassle of trying to transport and use your own bike, it’s makes perfect sense to simply hire your ideal bike at the location you need.

Who is bike hire for?

happy bike hire
bike hire is for all

Anyone! Whether you’re young or old, on a tight budget or looking to splash out hiring a high-spec bike for a few days. Perhaps you’re thinking of taking a week-long cycling holiday through the countryside, or gently cruising city sights over a long weekend? Or are you more for riding exhilarating mountain trails, feeling the thrill of speed out on a road bike, or maybe you just want to test ride a dream bike you’ve had your eye on? You name it, there’s a hire bike waiting for you.

Young, old, inexperienced or expert – rent your perfect bike

You also don’t need to have a certain level of cycling experience to start a bike rental – with ListNRide you can rent a bicycle from an incredibly wide range of bikes, suitable for all types of cyclists, from beginners to experts. And if you want to take the strain off a little, renting electric bikes with power assist (e-bikes) are a great option for more relaxed journeys that are easier on the thighs.

bike hire cyclists

What are the types of bike rental?

Usually when you search online for ‘bike rental near me’, you’ll be given a lot of bike rental options. For example, short-term bike rental (per minute or hour, such as app-based hire bikes run by cities), long-term bike rental (booked per day, week or more, available from bike rental shops), as well as bicycle leasing options, where instead of buying, you lease a bike from a company over a certain amount of time.

ListNRide’s bike rental system is super easy and convenient – simply select the location you desire, and the exact bike type you want, and hire it by the day or week. What’s more, sometimes there’s even an option to test-ride the bike for free for an hour. How great is that?

How much does bike hire cost? What kind of budget should I allow for?

It depends on the kind of bike type you’re after. For example, basic city cruiser bikes are available for hire in many locations from as little as €5 per day. Cargo bikes can start from around €30 per day, while road bikes or mountain bikes can range from €30 to €120 per day for top-range, high-performance bike brands.

However, if you’ve always wanted to experience riding an exceptionally high quality bike for a day or two, you can do so without breaking the bank. The price also drops the longer you rent a bike, such as for a week or more.

bike rental around me

What accessories are included when you rent a bicycle?

It’s always best to check all the details in the listing as to what’s provided in the rental – a lot of the time, essentials such as front and rear lights, helmets, bike locks and even wet weather gear are included in the rental. And if requested, sometimes a provider can offer other options, such as child seats.

Don’t forget, bicycle insurance is included in every rental

The last thing you want to worry about is your rental bike being damaged or stolen. That’s why all ListNRide’s bike rentals in the European Economic Area (EEA) are covered by Laka insurance, so you can have peace of mind while you’re enjoying your ride.

Go enjoy your bike, we’ve got your back!

No matter what type of bike you hire, coverage includes instances of theft or vandalism, and there is even emergency cover of up to €200 in expenses. Find out more about how insurance is not an option – it’s part of the rental.

Ten amazing types of bike you can hire right now

1. Folding bike hire in London, UK

Fancy cruising on a Brompton around London (where the famous bikes are hand-made)? Check out this Brompton Electric C Line – an astonishing, e-powered folding bike, perfect for folding up and taking on the Underground when you need to. You’ll even get a free first hour to test-ride it!

brompton hire in london
Cargo bike hire in Paris

2. E-Cargo bike rental in Paris, France

Need something to transport the kids around the city’s sights, rather than dragging their tired legs around in the Metro? Then you absolutely need a cargo bike! For example, this powerful and nifty Addbike e-cargo bike can carry an adult and two kids, and includes helmets, bike locks and extra storage, from €65 per day.

3. Road bike hire in Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s wide streets and abundance of cycling lanes make bike hire ideal for getting around the city’s world-famous tourist sites. And if you fancy speeding out from the city into the countryside, you could consider a saddling up on a super sleek 8bar Kronprinz road bike, available from €45 per day.

4. E-Mountain bike rental in Oslo, Norway

If you want to have fun and long rides up and down mountain trails, but fancy some power assist to go further (or not get too exhausted) then e-mountain bike hire is the way to go – for example, check out this high-powered Cannondale Moterra e-mountain bike, from €89 per day.

bike hire berlin
MTB in oslo

5. City bike hire in Rome, Italy

Looking for a simple and classic bike for riding around all day between historic Roman sites? You can’t go wrong with a comfortable and easy-to-ride Bortolotto city bike, available from €15 per day. You can beat the traffic, ride and park almost wherever you want, see all the famous sights, and get fit!

rome bike hire
tandem bike hire

6. Tandem bike hire in Copenhagen, Denmark

How about this for a perfect way to ride around the gloriously bike-friendly streets of
Copenhagen, while having a chat? This beautiful Burley Zydeco tandem bike fits an
adult in the front and a child or smaller person in the rear seat, from €45 per day.
Pedalling is so much easier when there’s two…

7. Dutch bike rental in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Also known affectionately as ‘grandma bikes’, traditional Dutch bikes have a classic, minimal design, and are lightweight and easy to use, even if you are a beginner. They’re perfect for meandering through the famous city in the style of a local, from €14 per day.

8. E-City bike hire in New York, USA

Sturdy, comfortable and speedy, e-city bikes are great for getting around the huge island of Manhattan, while barely breaking a sweat. And what better way to explore the Big Apple than on an e-city bike such as this Giant Explore E+? From €71 per day.

Dutch bike hire
kids bike hire

9. Kids bike rental in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a fascinating city to explore as a family, and with so many tourist sights and places to eat to get round, it’s always a good option to hire bikes. For example, this Kalkhoff Jubilee 8R city bike is available in small and extra small from €17 per day, so kids can ride easily alongside too.

10. E-Road bike hire in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, and hosts high-profile cycling events across the year, such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour. By hiring e-road bikes, you can ride scenic mountain routes along the ocean faster and further than ever before, such as on this stunning Storck E:Nario, available from €50 per day.

road cyclist

ListNRide provides bike rentals all around the world. And how can one easily rent a bike? Here’s how to rent your ideal bike or e-bike, in four easy steps.

Plus, did you know you can even test ride bike brands with ListNRide?

And by the way, if you own a bike, here’s how you can make money by renting out your bike on ListNRide.

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