Our top 10 best gift ideas for cyclists

best gift ideas for cyclists

Looking for a gift for a cyclist? Your friend is a big cycling fan and it’s time to find him a present? Whether it’s for Christmas or his birthday, getting him a gift related to his passion is a great idea. Here are our top 10 best gift ideas for cyclists. Summary 1. ListNRide gift […]

Cycling in winter: A how-to guide on what’s important to know

winter cycling

Just because the seasons change, it doesn’t mean that you must hang up the bike in winter. By following a few simple guidelines regarding what’s important to know for cycling in winter, you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels straight into spring season. Preparation is key! Summary Countless health benefits to […]

What to wear cycling in winter: Stay warm and safe 

what to wear cycling in winter

Cycling on bright and cold mornings as the sun rises over frosted grass and the fog lifts from the landscape is why we love cycling in the winter so much. But for many, when the winter months come the bike is put away until spring comes, which is such as shame. Wearing the right winter […]

What to wear for cycling in autumn: the practical guide

what to wear in autumn for cycling

Although autumn is a spectacular time of year to hop on a bike and explore, those stunning foliage views are often accompanied by cooler temps and seasonal uncertainty. Hence, by learning how to choose the right fall cycling gear you can remain comfy and effective no matter what mother nature throws at you. By carefully […]

Off to a cycling race? Rent a racing bike online!

rent a racing bike

If you’re a regular cycling race competitor, you know it can often be a logistical nightmare to bring your own road bike to a race meet. So why not save yourself time, trouble and money by simply renting a road bike? Summary The advantages of renting a racing bike at race events There’s nothing quite […]