If you’re a regular cycling race competitor, you know it can often be a logistical nightmare to bring your own road bike to a race meet. So why not save yourself time, trouble and money by simply renting a road bike?

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The advantages of renting a racing bike at race events

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of racing high-performance road bikes – speeding over smooth roads on the lightest and fastest cycles, and jostling for position amongst hundreds of riders on your way to (possible) victory.  

But as many competitive riders know, it can be a struggle to bring your own road bike to a race event. There are transportation costs to consider, such as extra costs for taking bikes on planes or trains, as well as the costs of buying specialist transportation cases or having to pay logistics companies, not to mention the constant worry your bike might be damaged or even stolen during the trip.

Leave your bike at home, and focus on the race

So for your next competition, it’s a good idea to simply leave your own bike at home, and consider road bike hire or triathlon racing bike hire directly at your event destination. Hiring a bike is not only cheaper and easier than bringing your own, but it’ll also help you focus on the race, rather than worrying about your own expensive ride.

What are the biggest cycling race events, and what types of racing bike rentals are available?

Exciting road bike racing events can be found taking place all around the world, particularly during warmer months when there’s less chance of getting soaked by rain or having to ride on wet roads. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the best road biking destinations and events taking place in Europe:

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Racing bike rental in Berlin, Germany

Returning to Berlin on 1-2 July, VeloCity is the second-largest event of its kind in Europe. A kind of ‘city-cycling-marathon’, around 13,000 amateur and professional riders will race road bikes on 60km and 100km distances through the streets of Berlin, past famous sights such as the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. If you’re planning to come without your own bike, you can rent from a selection of speedy road bikes in the city via ListNRide, such as this super sleek 8bar Kronprinz, from €45 per day. 

Racing bike rental in London, UK

The world’s biggest city centre triathlon take place in London on 6 August, plus there are usually a number of other prominent race meets taking place across the UK throughout the year. If you’re considering triathlon bike rental or duathlon bike rental, or renting a road bike for any other event, you’ll find ListNRide has dozens of top-spec road bikes and triathlon bikes available across the UK, such as this lightning-fast Canyon Aeroad CF SLX available in London from around €50 per day, as well as other high-performance road bike brands like Cannondale, Specialized and Trek.

Road bike rental in Italy

Everyone knows Italy is one of the best countries in the world for road biking, which is why so many cycle race events take place across the country every year. 

If you’re planning to go to an event without a bike, there are hundreds of high-quality road bikes and triathlon bikes available for rent through ListNRide at some of Italy’s most beautiful locations – such as this Bianchi Specialissima CV Disc di2 at Lake Como, available from €75 per day.

In Pisa, Pescara or in Puglia, you’ll find amazing Pinarello road bikes are available from €50 to €80 per day. And if you’re considering racing bike rental on the spectacular island of Sicily, there are high-end road bike options such as this stunning Bottecchia Emma 4 disk, from €49 per day, as well as other top brands including Bianchi, Cannondale, Olmo, Giant and Scott.

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Rent a road bike for the Saimaa Cycle Tour, Finland

Taking place over the weekend of 8-9 July, the Saimaa Cycle Tour is a tough and exhilarating 300km route starting and ending in Imatra, Finland, over winding asphalted roads through the world’s most beautiful lakeland area.

ListNRide is an official rental partner of the event, so you can rent top-end road bikes available for pick up and return in Imatra, without worrying about bringing your own.

Road bike rental in Mallorca, Spain

With gorgeous coastlines and challenging hill climbs, the Spanish island of Mallorca is a haven for road biking, and many race meets happen all year round. 

If you’re leaving your bike at home, you’ll find ListNRide has more than 1,000 road bikes to rent all over the island, including top brands such as Pasculli, Viper, Giant, Fuji, Felt, Cannondale, Stevens and BMC, starting from around €18 per day up to around €80 per day.

If you’re looking at racing bike rental in Alcúdia, there are hundreds of top-end road bikes to rent to suit all sizes, such as this Cannondale Supersix Evo, as well as other famous brands like Eddy Merckx, Specialized, Trek and WRC.

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What kinds of accessories are included in road bike rentals?

With most rentals, a lot of the accessories you’ll need for your road bike will be included, such as a helmet and bike lights, but sometimes there’s the possibility to add more items if needed, depending on the rental. It’s always best to check what’s available during the booking process.

Insurance is integral to every rental

When you’re preparing for the race, the last thing you want to worry about is your rental bike being damaged or stolen. That’s why all ListNRide’s road bike rentals in the European Economic Area (EEA) are covered by Laka insurance, so you can have peace of mind while you’re out focusing on the course.

Coverage includes instances of theft or vandalism, and there is even emergency cover of up to €200 in expenses. Find out more about how insurance is not an option – it’s part of the rental.  

Five top tips for first-time cycle racers

1. Get used to group riding

When you’re training before the event, be sure to get some experience in riding in groups, so you’re used to riding at high speeds among other riders, as well as learning cycling race etiquette.

group riding
bike check before race

2. Give your bike a thorough check

In the days and even hours before the race, give your bike a full check. Don’t leave anything untested – make sure the brakes and gears are functioning well, and check the chain and tyres.

3. Prepare for the course

Get familiar with the course before you race it by studying a course map, or even test ride some sections of it, if possible. Note all the potential hazards and points of difficulty, such as hill climbs.

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breakfast before the race

4. Have a good breakfast

Try to eat a decent breakfast at least two hours before your race – and you’re going to need a fair amount of carbohydrates and protein, so porridge, bananas and peanut butter is a good option. Keep hydrated too. 

5. Consider your position

Remember not to go flat out too early or spend all your time at the front as you’ll burn through your energy too quickly. Draft behind others to save energy, and pace yourself on hill climbs. Most of all – have fun, it’s what you’re here for!

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ListNRide provides bike rentals at cycling events all around the world.

So why not leave your road bike at home, and rent a high-quality road bike directly at the event!

Type in your cycling race destination at ListNRide.com and select ‘Road Bike’ or ‘Triathlon Bike’. 

Find out the events where ListNRide is an official cycling race rental partner

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