New year, new fees structure: a win-win for both Listers and Riders

new fees structure

In a strategic move to enhance the user experience and foster growth within its community, ListNRide has recently implemented a significant change to its fee policy. Previously, the platform charged a 20% fee on the listers, but the revamped model brings about a substantial reduction to 10%. However, with this shift, a corresponding 10% fee […]

Our top 10 best gift ideas for cyclists

best gift ideas for cyclists

Looking for a gift for a cyclist? Your friend is a big cycling fan and it’s time to find him a present? Whether it’s for Christmas or his birthday, getting him a gift related to his passion is a great idea. Here are our top 10 best gift ideas for cyclists. Summary 1. ListNRide gift […]

Top 5 best road bike winter destinations in Europe for sun 

winter road bike

Escape the winter blues by heading over to one of these top 5 road bike winter destinations sure to inspire you to hop on and ride! Love long climbs on pristine roads or café-hopping along the coast? No matter your fancy, it can all be done on the road bike in winter…and under sun-drenched skies. […]

Cargo bike insurance: how to cover your cargo bike

cargo bike insurance

Cargo bikes are being hailed as the future of urban transportation. In congested cities, cyclists are using them to carry groceries, pets, and even their children around. Imagine breezing past traffic jams and parking hassles while reducing your carbon footprint as you go All this extra utility comes at a premium though as cargo bikes […]

Cycling in winter: A how-to guide on what’s important to know

winter cycling

Just because the seasons change, it doesn’t mean that you must hang up the bike in winter. By following a few simple guidelines regarding what’s important to know for cycling in winter, you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels straight into spring season. Preparation is key! Summary Countless health benefits to […]

What to wear cycling in winter: Stay warm and safe 

what to wear cycling in winter

Cycling on bright and cold mornings as the sun rises over frosted grass and the fog lifts from the landscape is why we love cycling in the winter so much. But for many, when the winter months come the bike is put away until spring comes, which is such as shame. Wearing the right winter […]

5 best European cities to visit on a bike in winter

city bike touring winter

Winter works its enchanting magic on Europe’s cities, transforming them into whimsical wonderlands ready to be explored. With a soft blanket of glistening snow, charming streetside cafes, and a tranquil hush that blankets the landscape, this season brings a unique charm to places across the continent. And what better way to fully enjoy yourself in […]

Top 5 best winter MTB destinations in Europe, hotspots from sun to mud

MTB winter

Wintertime doesn’t mean the MTB fun has to end! Check out the top 5 best winter MTB destinations in Europe that will keep the 2-wheeled party going. These hotspots cover MTB and fat bike destinations ranging from warm, sunny and relaxing to adrenaline-pumping (lift-assisted) downhill runs. Which will you choose?      Summary Lanzarote, Spain: […]

Top 5 best winter gravel bike destinations in Europe

winter gravel

Gravel biking is all about adventure as you cycle off into the unknown far away from anyone else. But as the sport gets more and more popular, it can be difficult to fully escape from other cyclists, particularly in the warmer months. That’s why we love going gravel biking in winter – there’s hardly anyone […]