At ListNRide, we’re making bike-sharing as easy as, well... riding a bike. ​

We’re connecting the joy of cycling with the ease of renting bikes at short notice – so you can have the perfect bike for your needs, anywhere, anytime.

Whether you need a bike for a week-long trip through the countryside, to gently cruise city sights over a weekend, ride exhilarating mountain trails, feel the thrill of speed out on the roads, or even just to test ride a dream bike you’ve had your eye on, ListNRide is where you’ll find it.

With our choice of more than 80,000 road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes, cargo bikes, custom-made bikes and more – you can find and rent your ideal ride, at over 1,000 locations around the world.


And as we’re seeing in cities all over the world, the shared economy is revolutionizing urban mobility. Giving people greater options to quickly and easily rent bikes or e-bikes means more freedom to explore. And with fewer people driving, less air pollution means a cleaner, healthier environment.

Unlike other platforms, all our bike rentals are covered by insurance, so you’ll always have peace of mind when out on your perfect ride.

Here’s how to rent a bike, in four easy steps.

Share your bikes, boost your business.

Is your business a bike shop, bike rental station or cycling brand showroom?

Our customized platform will work wonders in getting you more sign ups for bike rentals, subscriptions and test rides, while minimizing the time you spend on admin.

Help more customers to find their dream bike, while boosting your business – find out how you can become a ListNRide rental partner.


Got an unused bike? Share it and earn!

Is your mountain bike sitting in storage, collecting dust? Does your sleek, high-end road bike only see action a few times a year? If you’ve got a bike you don’t use often, then why not share it and earn with ListNRide?

By listing your bike on our site, it will not only help others find their perfect ride (and rent it from you in a secure and trusted way), but also let you earn money from it during all times you’re out of the saddle.

It’s a win-win cycling scenario: here’s how to share your bike, in four easy steps.

And before you do, don’t forget to check out our guide to taking great bike photos – it’ll help you draw more people’s attention to your bike and increase your bookings.